VGER Acknowledgement and Authorship Policies


The use of this Resource should be acknowledged in all publications.  The Cancer Center Support Grant (CA68485) and/or the Center for Stem Cell Biology should be cited unless prohibited by the editorial policy of the journal.

VGER Authorship Considerations

VGER strives to develop and provide state-of-the-art services.  We may partner with Vanderbilt investigators to develop or adapt new methods or test new experimental approaches.  We may also share experimental guidance utilizing unpublished knowledge from our own research.  In such situations, the VGER will inform the investigator that their project will be accepted as a collaborative effort instead of a simple service request.  In these instances, it may be appropriate to recognize specific VGER personnel as co-authors on the resulting manuscript and provide them with the opportunity to contribute to writing and review of the final manuscript, thus fulfilling NIH-recommended authorship requirements.

Facility RRID


The Research Resource Identified (RRID) is a unique identifier for the Vanderbilt Genome Editing Resource and can be used in publications to acknowledge the VGER in publications. 

This page describes acknowledgment policies and authorship considerations.