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The mission of the Vanderbilt Transgenic Mouse/ES Cell Shared Resource (TMESCSR) is to provide services, consultation and collaboration to enable the generation, storage and regeneration of genetically altered mice at Vanderbilt.  

We have many years of experience in generating novel transgenic mouse models and are happy to discuss your project with you.  

The following procedures are provided on a fee-for-service basis:

We are sorry, but due to low utilization we can no longer provide mouse ES cell-based services on a routine, fee-for-service basis (please see notification letter).  However, we are happy to discuss how projects that require the genetic manipulation of mouse ES cells might still be achieved.  

In addition, we are pleased to discuss collaborative projects that require the development of new methods and techniques.  

Please email Ms. Jennifer Skelton or Dr. Mark Magnuson with a short description of what you would like to do.



Pronuclear DNA microinjection - Watch video


Jennifer Skelton, MS
Manager - TMESCSR
Mark Magnuson, M.D.
Director - TMESCSR

Laboratory Personnel

Please view the TMESCSR Members page for an up to date directory.

Policies & Guidelines

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