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GFR - FITC-inulin; HPLC CrPage11158
Urine pHPage11163
2013 P&F RecipientsPage10404
Kidney Services - Osmometer Plasma/UrinePage10832
Lipids - Plasma Short Chain Fatty Acid Analysis by Gas Liquid ChromatographyPage11106
Kidney Services - Renal Blood Flow (Doppler)Page10830
Assessment Scales & Educational MaterialsPage10655
Sample Lysis and PreparationService3328
Islet RNA IsolationService13163
Type 2 Diabetes Drug StudyPage15487
Employment OpportunitiesPage15514
Lipids - Quantitation of Individual Phospholipid ClassesPage11111
Perfusion-Fixation/Histopathology/Quantify SclerosisPage11157
Exploratory Locomotor ActivityPage11143
Lipids - Plasma LipidsPage11108
Vascular MorphologyPage11156
Body CompositionPage11142
Monoclonal Antibody ProductionService3245
Hormone InsulinPage11093
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Beta Cell Regeneration for DiabetesPage15614
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