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Complete your Labnodes Acount VideoPagelabnodes account, profile, publications, video, delegates, email preferences3099
Create a Labnodes AccountPagelabnodes account, training4842
Labnodes LogosPagelabnodes, logo3055
Labnodes Brochures and Marketing MaterialPageLabnodes, marketing, brochure3056
Establish a laboratory mouse collectionPagelabnodes, TMESCSR, mouse strain15243
Sharing a mouse strain to the TMESCSR Cryopreservation StocksPagelabnodes, TMESCSR, mouse strain15244
Annotate a mouse strain resourcePagelabnodes, TMESCSR, mouse strain15242
Landing PageServicelanding page, website, Labnodes12204
Request a Labnodes Landing PagePagelanding page, website, training resource3158
DRTC Executive CommitteePageLeadership, Executive Committee, DRTC, Vanderbilt DRTC, DRTC Supported2759
Research Quick LinksPagelinks, research, diabetes10653
4T1Cell Linemammary gland, cell lines, training4290
Vanderbilt Diabetes: MedTalksPageMedTalks, video14720
Harvesting MEFsProtocolMEFs, mESCs3066
Preparation of mouse ES cells for karyotypingProtocolmESC, karyotyping297
Energy Expenditure Using Portable CalorimetersServiceMethods, Energy Balance13198
Guide to microinjection of KOMP JM8 and JM8A3 cellProtocolmicroinjection, KOMP, JM8, JM8A31356
Preparation of mouse ES cells for microinjectionProtocolmicroinjection, mESC298
ES Cell MicroinjectionsServicemicroinjection, mESC, blastocyst, KOMP, EUCOMM403
Puregene DNA isolation from earsProtocolmouse, ears, DNA extraction369
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