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Mouse NomenclaturePageFormal Name, guide for nomenclature, MGI, Mouse Genome Informatics, nomenclature14588
The TMESCSR now offers gene-editing project design, founder screening, and founder analysis. Contact us for a consultation and estimate.Pagefounder analysis, project design, founder screening15219
Helicobacter pylori (Marshall et al.) Goodwin et al.Bacterial Straingastritis8919
pMCS.DT-APlasmid Vectorgene targeting, DT, diptheria toxin19
Generic mouse genotyping protocolPagegenotyping CRISPR15913
129S6.Gcktm2Mgn/VuMouse Strainglucokinase, Gck, gckK414E, MODY, Mgn511
B6.129S6-Gcktm1.1MgnMouse Strainglucokinase, Gck, gcklox512
129S6.Cg-Gcktm3Mgn/VuMouse Strainglucokinase, Gck, PHHI, gckA456V, Mgn510
2012 P&F Recipients: Project SummariesPageglycemic, type 1, diabetes, metabolic syndrome13780
Congratulations Ed Levine, Ph.D.Pagegrant, nih, vcscb14626
Discovery Program Grant GuidelinesPageGrant, Pilot & Feasibility, VDC Discovery Program5546
Rosa26R26-228-DR5-TA-CeruleanMouse StrainGt(ROSA)26Sor, mouse, Rosa26R26-228-DR5-TA-Cerulean, training resource3075
Project 3 - Dysfunctional HDL in Children with CKDPageHDL1549
Default - Diabetes Day 2017 - 2Pageimage9639
May 2017 - 2017 Oscar Crofford Lecture - 1Pageimage9641
Default - Life Principles - 2Pageimage14031
Default - Metabolism Studies - 3Pageimage13952
Default - Research - 2Pageimage13957
Default - 2018 Nursing Awards - 4Pageimage14771
Default - Islet Biology Workshop 2018 - 4Pageimage14032
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