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Featured Investigator : Welch, Dr. E. BrianPagediabetes, featured investigator14605
Grant Application PHS 398 FormsPageNational Institutes of Health, PHS 398, Grant Application1636
Tissue MicrodissectionPage11120
Featured Investigator : Stafford, Dr. JohnPagefeatured investigator10673
Information Technology Relevant to VCSCB MembersPageIT, Information Technology741
Create a Labnodes AccountPagelabnodes account, training4842
Puregene DNA isolation from earsProtocolDNA extraction, ears, mouse3068
2008 Vanderbilt Scholars in DiabetesPagediabetes scholars4453
Lipid Core Plasma Free Fatty Acids G.C. AnalysisService13169
Glucose TurnoverPage11132
2012 P&F RecipientsPage10403
Default - Diabetes Day 2017 - 2Pageimage9639
Aspirnaut program helps launch students into science -- July 20, 2017Pagenews, Matrix Biology15403
In the News: Heidi J. Silver, Ph.D., R.D., M.S.Page13785
Antibiotic selection of gene targeted mESCsProtocoldiphtheria toxin, gene targeting, geneticin, hygromycin B, selectable markers3064
Data Processing and AnalysisServicedata, analysis, processing, engineering12202
Default - Ashley Williams - 1Pageimage13959
Precipitation of long ssDNA oligos to remove potential contaminants before CRISPR injectionsProtocolcrispr, oligo13328
Cardiovascular Services - In vitro Morphology, Morphometrics and HistologyPage10808
Data Integration, Interoperability and HarmonizationServicedata, integration, interoperability, harmonization, warehouse, schema12480
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