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DNA lysis, extraction and isolation from ES cellsProtocolDNA extraction, DNA Isolation3065
Harvesting MEFsProtocolMEFs, mESCs3066
Calculating beta cell massProtocolembedding, fixation, immunohistochemistry, parafin embedding3067
Puregene DNA isolation from earsProtocolDNA extraction, ears, mouse3068
Saphenous vein blood collectionProtocolblood, mouse, saphenous3069
Version 1.8 - December 5, 2012Pagenew features, release notes3087
Create a Labnodes Account VideoPagevideo, labnodes account3092
2012 Lab PhotoPage3095
Lab Photo 2012 Web ReadyPage3096
Version 2.0.1 - March 4, 2013Pagenew features, release notes3098
Complete your Labnodes Acount VideoPagelabnodes account, profile, publications, video, delegates, email preferences3099
Invite Others to your Labnodes Community VideoPagecommunity, members, video3101
Create and Manage a Labnodes Workgroup VideoPagevideo, workgroup, manage3102
Create a Laboratory CommunityPagecommunity, laboratory3125
Add a Resource to an Existing Labnodes Collection VideoPageresource, video, collections3145
Request a Labnodes Landing PagePagelanding page, website, training resource3158
BAC recombination protocols (Mortlock lab 2012)ProtocolBAC, electroporation, Recombination3165
BAC subcloning by gap repairProtocolBAC, recombination, subcloning, targeting vector3166
Monoclonal Antibody ProductionService3245
Create a Labnodes Meeting VideoPagevideo, meeting3294
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