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2015 Vanderbilt Scholars in DiabetesPagediabetes scholars, achievement, research13639
2015 P&F Recipient: Project SummaryPagediabetes self-care, CDTR, award13625
Vanderbilt Clinical Trials Online DatabasePagediabetes, trials, clinical trials4956
Featured Video: My Health Chat - Advances in Diabetes ResearchPagediabetes, video4468
Complications Related to DiabetesPagediabetic complications1601
Antibiotic selection of gene targeted mESCsProtocoldiphtheria toxin, gene targeting, geneticin, hygromycin B, selectable markers3064
Congratulations to Jennifer StancillPageDissertations, VCSCB news14956
DNA lysis, extraction and isolation from ES cellsProtocolDNA extraction, DNA Isolation3065
Puregene DNA isolation from earsProtocolDNA extraction, ears, mouse3068
B6.STOCK-Dnpepem1Dlp/VuMouse StrainDnpep, aspartyl aminopeptidase, Knockout, CRISPR15944
P&F Grant GuidelinesPageDRTC, Grant, Pilot & Feasibility5547
Cadherin Mouse MonoclonalAntibodyE Cadherin4313
C.129X1-Efna1tm1Jinc/VuMouse StrainEfna1, Ephrin-A115885
Bl6.Egfrem1RjcMouse StrainEgfr, Rjc, Endonuclease mediated, Coffey, Emerald16904
Email Marketing and AnalyticsServiceemail, newsletter, mailing list, communication, marketing12494
Embed a Google CalendarPageembed, calendar5273
Calculating beta cell massProtocolembedding, fixation, immunohistochemistry, parafin embedding3067
Energy Expenditure in Free-Living (DLW)ServiceEnergy Balance13196
Escherichia coli (Migula) Castellani and ChalmersBacterial StrainEnterobacteriaceae8921
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