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Puregene DNA isolation from earsProtocolmouse, ears, DNA extraction369
Puregene DNA isolation from tailsProtocoltails, mouse, DNA extraction370
Annotation of plasmid sequencesPageplasmid, key words, annotation371
Bringing up ES cells from liquid nitrogenProtocolthawing and plating, mESCs381
Western blottingProtocolprotein, electrophoresis, blot384
Islet isolationProtocolmouse islets, collagenase396
Insulin tolerance test (ITT)Protocolinsulin, blood glucose401
Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART)Servicerederivation, reproduction, mice, ART, IVF, embryo transfer402
ES Cell MicroinjectionsServicemicroinjection, mESC, blastocyst, KOMP, EUCOMM403
Pronuclear and Cytoplasmic InjectionsServicetransgenics, pronucleus, DNA injection, transgene405
Sperm or Embryo CryopreservationServicesperm, cryopreservation, mouse, embryo407
ImmunohistochemistryProtocolparaffin embedded tissue, frozen sections409
Thawing spermProtocolmouse sperm, cryo straws, cryo vials420
Thawing embryosProtocolJAX slow freeze, cryo straws, cryo vials, 8 cell mouse embryos421
VGER operational policiesPageoperational policies, acknowledgments, VGER425
VGER communication policiesPagepolicy, letters of support, communications, VGER426
VGER policy on guaranteesPagepolicies, guarantees, authentication, VGER427
VGER billing policiesPagepolicies, billing, VGER428
Mouse husbandryProtocolweaning, strains, mice, germline, breeding439
Targeting vector linearizationProtocolrestriction enzyme digest, phenol chloroform, ethanol precipitation475
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