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PTEN Rabbit MonoclonalAntibodytraining resource3079
p120 Mouse MonoclonalAntibody4341
MBP Mouse MonoclonalAntibody4333
p120 Mouse MonoclonalAntibody4340
p53 Mouse MonoclonalAntibodytraining resource3078
GFP Chicken PolyclonalAntibody4315
Escherichia coli (Migula) Castellani and ChalmersBacterial StrainEnterobacteriaceae8921
Helicobacter pylori (Marshall et al.) Goodwin et al.Bacterial Straingastritis8919
Ca SkiCell Linecell lines, training, cervix4291
CHO-K1Cell Linetransfection, hamster, ovary4288
4T1Cell Linemammary gland, cell lines, training4290
Assign a Delegate to Manage your Member ProfilePageprofile, contact information, publications5507
2017 Team Vanderbilt: Community OutreachPageCDTR, community outreach, outreach13643
Default - Tour de Cure 2017 - 3Pageimage9640
Version 2.8.1 - November 9, 2015Pagerelease notes, new features, bariatric surgery13593
Monoclonal Antibody ProductionService3245
Metabolomics Analysis Service PricingPageservice fees, pricing13673
Perfusion-Fixation/Histopathology/Quantify SclerosisPage11157
BAC subcloning by gap repairProtocolBAC, recombination, subcloning, targeting vector3166
Lipids - Quantitation of Individual Phospholipid ClassesPage11111
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