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VGER communication policiesPagepolicy, letters of support, communications, VGER426
VGER policy on guaranteesPagepolicies, guarantees, authentication, VGER427
VGER billing policiesPagepolicies, billing, VGER428
Mouse husbandryProtocolweaning, strains, mice, germline, breeding439
Targeting vector linearizationProtocolrestriction enzyme digest, phenol chloroform, ethanol precipitation475
Rederivation and cryopreservation optionsProtocolsperm cryopreservation, embryo cryopreservation, embryo retrieval489
Quantitation of transgene copy numberProtocolcopy number505
BAC/plasmid crude alkaline lysis miniprep protocolProtocolplasmid, alkaline lysis, BAC711
Faculty RecruitmentPagerecruitment, faculty739
Frequently Asked QuestionsPageFAQ740
Information Technology Relevant to VCSCB MembersPageIT, Information Technology741
Other Stem Cell Programs at VanderbiltPagestem cell742
Data storage and deliveryPageVANTAGE, Storage, Policies, Data937
BAC DNA CsCl gradient purificationProtocolCsCl purification, BAC, BAC DNA prep1121
Vertical ImagesPagePhotos, Images1159
Horizontal ImagesPagePhotos, Images1161
VGER Rederivation Options for Incoming ShipmentPagetransfer, sperm, rederivation, IVF, embryo1354
Guide to microinjection of KOMP JM8 and JM8A3 cellProtocolmicroinjection, KOMP, JM8, JM8A31356
Incoming shipments of embryos or spermPagerederivation, embryos, sperm, relocation of rodent colonies, shipment of embryos or sperm, Research Animal Transfer System (RATS)1407
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