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2013 Pilot & Feasibility Award RecipientsPageaward, Recipients, Pilot & Feasibility11219
2013 Pilot & Feasibility Award RecipientsPageaward, Recipients, Pilot & Feasibility13579
2011 Pilot & Feasibility Awards RecipientsPageaward, Recipients, Pilot & Feasibility1633
Shovel Award 2014Pageawards11246
BAC maxiprep using Nucleobond BAC 100 columnsProtocolBAC, BAC DNA prep1441
BAC recombination protocols (Mortlock lab 2012)ProtocolBAC, electroporation, Recombination3165
BAC subcloning by gap repairProtocolBAC, recombination, subcloning, targeting vector3166
Transformation of E. coliProtocolbacteria, E. coli, transformation3062
Making a glycerol stock of bacterial DNAProtocolbacteria, glycerol3063
MafA Rabbit PolyclonalAntibodyBL1225, training resource3081
Saphenous vein blood collectionProtocolblood, mouse, saphenous3069
B6.129S6-Ptger2tm1Brey/VuMouse StrainBrey, EP2 null, Ptger2, Prostaglandins E16468
129S6.Cg-Ptger2tm1Brey/VuMouse StrainBrey, Ptger2, EP2 null, Prostaglandin E16469
IVF CARD Protocol (Preferred Method)ProtocolCARD, in vitro fertilization, Rederivation, IVF15698
Spotlight: Community OutreachPageCDTR, community outreach, outreach13643
Ca SkiCell Linecell lines, training, cervix4291
Publication and Citation SurveyServicecitation, publication, Labnodes, PubMed, survey, workflow, reports12205
Version 2.23 - July 13, 2020PageCitation survey, MIC, S10 Award, release notes, new features16858
General scheme for cloning in plasmidsProtocolcloning, insert, ligation, vector3060
B6.Cg-Col4a3tm1Jhm Tg(COL4a3/COL4a4)1Lahe/Borza/VuMouse StrainCOL4A3, COL4A4, Col4a3 KO, Goodpasture diseases, Jhm, Lahe, Borza, Alport syndrome16850
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