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Cloning protospacer adapters into PX plasmids via BbsI siteProtocolCRISPR, PX330, PX335, PX458, PX45910702
Isoprostane SamplePage10706
Collection ProceduresPage10707
Quantification of F 2 -isoprostanes as a biomarker of oxidative stressProtocolisoprostanes10711
Guidelines for preparing CRISPR/Cas9-expressing DNA plasmids for CRISPR injections (10/21/14)ProtocolCRISPR, DNA isolation10724
Cardiovascular Services - In vitro Morphology, Morphometrics and HistologyPage10808
Cardiovascular Services - Endocardiography, in vivo Morphology, Systolic and Diastolic FunctionPage10809
Cardiovascular Services - Measurement of Blood PressurePage10826
Cardiovascular Services - Vascular MorphologyPage10827
Kidney Services - Perfusion Fixation/Histopathology/Quantify SclerosisPage10828
Kidney Services - GFR - FITC-inulin; HPLC CrPage10829
Kidney Services - Renal Blood Flow (Doppler)Page10830
Kidney Services - Urine Na/KPage10831
Kidney Services - Osmometer Plasma/UrinePage10832
Kidney Services - Urine Ca/Phosphorus ExcretionPage10833
Kidney Services - Glycemic Control Using MinimedPage10835
Kidney Services - Urine pHPage10836
Cardiovascular Services - Electrocardiography (ECG) and TelemetryPage10841
Version 2.5 - September 17, 2014Pagerelease notes, new features11040
Hormone InsulinPage11093
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