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Genome EditingProtocolCrispr, Cas9, Microinjection11363
Genome Editing StrategiesPageGenome Editing, HDR, NHEJ, CRISPR, Cas9, Microinjection16458
GFR - FITC-inulin; HPLC CrPage11158
Glucose Tolerance TestPage11129
Glucose TurnoverPage11132
Glycemic Control using MiniMedPage11164
Glycogen SynthesisPage11134
Grant Application PHS 398 FormsPageNational Institutes of Health, PHS 398, Grant Application1636
Graphic Design, Illustration and Media ProductionServiceinfographics, graphics, media, illustration, design, animation, figure12487
Gross Examinations and Necropsy ServicesPage11118
Guaranteed mouse model generationPageType I, Type II, HDR, Genome Editing, NHEJ, CRISPR, Cas9, Microinjection, Point Mutation, Knockout16459
Guidelines for preparing CRISPR/Cas9-expressing DNA plasmids for CRISPR injections (10/21/14)ProtocolCRISPR, DNA isolation10724
Guide to microinjection of KOMP JM8 and JM8A3 cellProtocolmicroinjection, KOMP, JM8, JM8A31356
Hannah Worchel (Magnuson Lab) Officially Ph.D. CandidatePagevcscb news5435
Harvesting MEFsProtocolMEFs, mESCs3066
Helmsley Alpha Cell Working Group Meeting at Vanderbilt University Medical CenterPage15670
Hepatic Gluconeogenesis/GlycogenolysisPage11133
Horizontal ImagesPagePhotos, Images1161
Hormone CatecholaminesPage11099
Hormone Core Sample Collection ProceduresPage13177
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