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Resource  Type Keywords ID
Cadherin Mouse MonoclonalAntibodyE Cadherin4313
CDK2 Rabbit MonoclonalAntibodytraining resource3076
CREB Rabbit MonoclonalAntibodytraining resource3077
GFP Chicken PolyclonalAntibody4315
GFP Mouse MonoclonalAntibody3242
GST Mouse MonoclonalAntibody4316
HA Mouse MonoclonalAntibody4328
Histone H2A.Z Rabbit PolyclonalAntibodytraining resource3080
Kaiso Mouse MonoclonalAntibody4330
Kaiso Mouse MonoclonalAntibody4329
KT3 Mouse MonoclonalAntibody4332
MafA Rabbit PolyclonalAntibodyBL1225, training resource3081
MBP Mouse MonoclonalAntibody4333
MMP7 Rat MonoclonalAntibody4334
MYC Mouse MonoclonalAntibody4338
MYC Mouse MonoclonalAntibody4337
MYC Mouse MonoclonalAntibody4339
p120 Mouse MonoclonalAntibody4342
p120 Mouse MonoclonalAntibody4341
p120 Mouse MonoclonalAntibody4340
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