This page description the data storage and delivery policies of VANTAGE.

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The various GSR service lines include storage of information and data in various formats and amounts.  In order to provide a high-quality of service that is tied to VANTAGE‚Äôs ability to adequately store and manage such data, this document describes the limits on the amount of data being stored by VANTAGE.  Furthermore, all VANTAGE users must take measures to store copies of the data themselves for long-term storage.  It is impractical for VANTAGE to store all data indefinitely; however this is closely tied to the data types.

Unit Retention Time (real-time) Retention Time (by request) Guarantees of availability
Microarray Indefinite1 Not applicable TBD
Next Generation Sequencing 3 months2 Not applicable TBD
Sanger Sequencing 6 months Indefinite, by request TBD
  1. Data available via LIMS.  Quite manageable from a storage perspective and is stored within a database
  2. Needs discussion.  One or three months has been the consideration. Much of this depends on future storage.


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