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Details about information technology available to VCSCB members.

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VCSCB: Information Master

How do I access the VCSCB file server from a remote location?

  • Step 1 - Connect and authenticate to the Vanderbilt Medical Center VPN, via the Junos Pulse client. VUIT has more information about the client and remote access.
  • Step 2 - Access the file server through the usual mechanism you are using (machine, user, and group-dependent). If you are unsure, please contact your local desktop support.

What software is available through Vanderbilt site-licensing?

Vanderbilt has two site-licensing programs:

Furthermore, Vanderbilt offers free security software for the whole Vanderbilt Community, even for your personal computers:

Can I get support for my personal computer?

Our IT support is meant solely for Center-purchased computers.

Can I get support for my PDA/Blackberry/IPhone/IPod Touch?

We do not provide official support for these devices at this time. However, a few of us successfully run these and would more than happy to help you out. Ask around!