Release notes for Version 2.4 of Labnodes

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We have resolved 123 ticketed new features, tasks, bugs, or improvements. Significant improvements are listed below.


Bacterial Strains

Bacterial Strains

Introducing a new resource type is always exciting.  We have worked with multiple labs to establish what we hope will be a flexible model for collecting key annotations pertaining to bacterial strains. If you need assistance with importing your data, please contact us. See examples 1 and 2.


DNA Primers

A new resource type for DNA primers now provides a way to keep track of the primers in your lab or projects. If you need assistance with importing your data, please contact us. See examples 1 and 2.



We welcome the VICC to Labnodes, whom we have been working with to develop a Publications Database and survey mechanism to facilitate the capture of historical data required for the CCSG grant renewal. Explore the VICC today!


  • Meeting Titles - Seminar and meeting titles have been added to the member dashboard.
  • Biosafety Level Selection Buttons -  Added radio buttons to make selections of biosafety level easier in the respective resource type forms.
  • Page Consistency - Improved consistency on resource view pages.
  • Mycoplasma Testing for Cell Lines - We have added an option for "not tested/unknown."
  • MMRC ID - A new field for MMRC ID has been added to the mouse resource.
  • Number of Allowable Characters - Previous limits have been adjusted to meet current needs in both first name and community name fields.
  • New Tissue Types for Cell Lines - We have added three new tissue types for cell lines: epithelium, embryo and hybridoma.
  • Mouse Genetics Annotations - Gene name, gene symbol and NCBI gene ID fields have been added for both the promoter and the expressed gene.
  • Upcoming Meetings Links - Now any links to upcoming meetings automatically default to the current date and will display all upcoming meetings.
  • Image Alignment and Padding - Images added to content boxes may be aligned left, right, center and we have improved the spacing around images.
  • Community Titles - The maximum length for these titles has been increased to 125 characters.
  • Duplicate Communities - Member communities are now only listed once, regardless of how many times the member has been invited and/or removed from a community.
  • Presentation Titles - These have been added, when available, to meetings pages.
  • Send a Message - Messages may now include up to 500 characters.
  • API Extension - The API has been extended to provide a member lookup via VUNetID and to provide a list of users via a community ID.
  • DRTC Landing Page - Various improvements were made to the Diabetes Research and Training Center landing page.
  • Previous Affiliations Hidden - If an active affiliation exists, previous (inactive) affiliations are hidden, thus eliminating a member being listed as active and inactive.
  • Uploading Images - This feature has been simplified.
  • Publication Graph - Improved member recognition allows all publications to be graphed.
  • Resource Import scripts - We created import scripts for Cell Lines and Bacterial Strains, which are re-usable for other groups. Please inquire.
  • Dashboard Add a Resource - The resource type menu has been improved and you can now select your workspace as a target.