These mice carry a conditional allele for Rictor, a component mTOR complex 2 (mTORC2). Disruption of the Rictor gene attenuates phosphorylation of Ser473 of Akt/PKB, which is important for a normal response to growth factor stimulation acting through the PI3-kinase signaling pathway.


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Mouse Information

Common Name rictorlox
Research Applications Cre-lox system
Jackson Laboratories Stock No Not provided
VCMR ID Not provided
Additional Strain Information Not provided

Genetic Alteration

Mutation #1: Targeted Mutagenesis
Type of AlleleConditional Null
Targeted GeneName: Rictor
Symbol: 4921505C17Rik
NCBI: 78757
Allele Name: targeted mutation 1.1
Symbol: 4921505C17Riktm1.1Mgn
MGI: MGI:3703321
Description of Targeting Vector

A conditional allele was generated using a 3 loxP plus 2 FRT site strategy in which 2 FRT sites flank partial exon 3, which is linked to the lacZ reporter plus a neoR cassette. 2 loxP sites flank the neoR cassette and the third loxP flanks exon 3 of the gene. Mice containing the RiklacZ+neotarget were subsequently bred to Flpe transgenics. The resulting mice contain intact exon3 flanked by loxP sites plus one remaining FRT site. Genotype by DNA PCR utilizing 5'-ACTGAATATGTTCATGGTTGTG-3' and 5'-GAAGTTATTCAGATGGCCCAGC-3'. These primers amplify a 554 bp targeted allele and a 466 bp wild type allele.

Vector Genbank File
Allele Map Not Provided
PCR Genotyping Protocol Not provided
Multiallelic disruption of the rictor gene in mice reveals that mTOR complex 2 is essential for fetal growth and viability. (2006) Dev Cell 11: 583-9 (Added 1/12/2012)
PMID: 16962829

Background Strain Information

Strain Type Insipient congenic
Chimera/Founder Genetic Background 129S6/SvEvTac
Current Genetic Background C57BL/6J
Number of Generations Backcrossed 5
Strain Description

Mice containing the RiklacZ+neo allele were bred to Flpe-expressing transgenic mice. The offspring contain an intact exon 3 flanked by tandem loxP sites and a residual FRT site. This allele is also called riclox or ricEx3cond.


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PCR protocol for genotyping mice

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Gene targeting strategy