The compound collection at the HTS facility is comprised of several commercial and private sources. Depending on the research investigator’s interest subsets or the entire collection can be requested for testing using an online compound distribution request which allows plate type, volume, and concentration to be tailored to the investigator’s needs. The HTS strives to continually enrich the library with novel scaffolds and actively encourages investigators to deposit compounds into the library for distribution and screening. Synthetic and natural product chemists are also encouraged to contact the facility about deposition opportunities.

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(VICB Collection)
160,000 Drug-like, diverse set of small molecules
Molecular Libraries Small Molecule Repository (MLSMR)* 150,000 Remaining compounds from MLSCN (limited volumes left)
Spectrum Collection 2,000 A wide range of biologically active and structurally diverse compounds. 50% drug components, 30% natural products, 20% other bioactive components
NIH Clinical Collection I and II 730 Small molecules that have history of use in human clinical trials
Other collections:    
Cayman Lipid Library 1,000 Broad variety of bioactive lipids
Fesik Fragment Library 16,000 Diverse collection of fragment molecules from 8 vendors, rule of 3 compliant, and filtered against non-specific and interfering molecules
Marnett Collection 900 NSAID derivatives that contain cyclooxygenase inhibitors, PPARgamma activators and apoptosis inducers
Roche Published Protein Kinase Inhibitor Library** 235 Small molecule protein kinase inhibitors disclosed in peer-reviewed scientific publications


* Requires PubChem data deposition
** In collaboration with Roche Pharmaceuticals