Release notes for Version 2.3.1

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We have resolved 31 ticketed new features, tasks, bugs, or improvements. Significant improvements are listed below.


We would like to welcome the DRTC to Labnodes, whom we have been working with for a successful migration of their web presence as a first step towards taking advantage of the many Labnodes tools.

Explore the DRTC-Labnodes landing page today!

New Features

  • Resource Sharing Training Video - A new training video is now available via our YouTube channel.
  • Embed Google Calendars - You can now embed Google Calendars into Labnodes resource pages.
  • Transfer Community Ownership - You can now transfer the owner of a community (or workgroup) to another user, without asking us to do it.
  • New Admin Tools - We too need some new tools once in a while!


  • Upgraded TinyMCE rich text editor to version 4.
  • Prevent non-Vanderbilt users from being invited to formal community (temporary, until a non-Vanderbilt namespace is added).
  • Mask resource subtypes as regular resources, for easier viewing and searching.
  • Fixed missing sharing tools for meetings.
  • Fixed inability to remove offered shared resources (patched).
  • Fixed incorrect subcommunity listing (patched).
  • Fixed "Add Meeting" button display issue in community dashboard (patched).
  • Fixed missing resource subtype annotation (patched).
  • Fixed publication graph issue.