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DRTC: Vanderbilt DRTC Investigators Master

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Vanderbilt Clinical Trials are added to the through the use of StarBRITE. We encourage you to utilize our local database.

Here is the URL: https ://starbrite.vanderbilt.edu/index.html
At the top of the page on the left side there are the links "My Research" and "My Profile" which takes you to the tools with which you upload trial information.

This is done with IRB approval only which is handled by the tool along the way.

  • Log in to Starbrite
  • Click Participant Recruitment (photo) button on the top
  • Click Clinical Trials Registry button
  • If the researcher is the PI or contact his/her research will be displayed here.
  • Click pencil icon to take you to the edit page
  • Check Yes radio button for Show on Website?
  • Click Save at bottom of the page


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