Key Concepts

  1. Create an account
  2. Complete your account information

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Create a Labnodes Account

Key Concepts

  1. Create an account
  2. Complete your account information

Additional help is available at

Create your account

Currently, anyone with a Vanderbilt username and password can create a Labnodes account. Here’s how:

  1. Log on to and click Login (upper right); from the drop down menu select "Create an account."  Alternatively, you may click on Sign up today, on the homepage or go directly to:
  1. Complete the information on the Create Account page.

Complete your account

Once you have created your Labnodes account you will be taken to the What’s Next page where you may add your publications, create your profile, add keywords, input your ResearcherID, upload your PDF formatted biosketch, assign a delegate and set your email preferences.

  1. Currently, Labnodes supports the PubMed and PMC databases. Using the same search criteria as PubMed, conduct your search and check the box next to each article you wish to include. Click Next at the bottom of the publications page.
  1. Create your profile including your scientific interests, career history, educational background, etc. You may copy/paste from another document, or type directly into the profile box.
  1. Keywords are your links to other Labnodes members, resources and communities. Enter your keywords.
  1. Your ResearcherID may be found by clicking the link, or if you already know your ID you may enter it directly into the appropriate field.
  1. Browse your computer for your NIH Biosketch PDF and select to upload it. Click Next at the bottom of the page.
  1. A delegate has the ability to edit your member profile, including your publications, contact information, and more. If you wish to assign a delegate, begin typing his/her last name in the appropriate field. If he/she has a Labnodes account, a dropdown of matches will appear and you may select your delegate. If he/she is not a Labnodes member, enter his/her name and email address. Click Add. Your delegate will be notified via email. Click Next.
  1. You have the option to receive system emails individually or once a day. Select either Individual Email or Daily Digest, accordingly.
  1. Click Finish.

This completes your account creation. If at any time you wish to change this information, log in, click the Actions button and select the item you wish to change (profile, contact, publications, etc.).