Release notes for Version 2.3

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We have resolved 47 ticketed new features, tasks, bugs, or improvements. Significant improvements are listed below.

New Features

  • BRET Faculty Profile Connector - New users of Labnodes who are VUMC faculty members can now elect to import key elements of their BRET Faculty Profile to populate their Labnodes profile. Future versions will include the ability to "sync" Labnodes profile data to BRET data.
  • Custom Labels for Community Sidemenu - Choose new labels to help customize your community (or workgroup) sidemenu, hence providing better marketing or semantic context.  See the community (or workgroup) Manage > Preferences section.
  • Quick Share Buttons – New buttons in the "Share Resource" window allow you to share a resource to the public or to VUMC in one-click; yes, one-click.
  • Default Profile Avatars - For members, communities and workgroups, a default list of avatars is now available. This convenience allows users to quickly pick a profile picture until they can replace it with one of their own.
  • Communities & Multiple Inheritance – Communities can now be "parented" to more than one parent community. For example, a laboratory can be part of a department and multiple centers. Now, this laboratory can be displayed in the "subcommunity" section of all of its parent communities.
  • Community Send Message Recipient Management - Via the community management preferences tab, you may now elect whether all community members receive email notifications of any messages sent to the community (via the "send a message" feature).
  • Follow us on Twitter - We have started tweeting updates on activities surrounding Labnodes, including training, new members and communities, important events and so forth. So, follow us!


  • Member messages are now listed into their own widget on the member dashboard page, thus making it easier to identify human-generated messages versus server-generated notifications.
  • Working with the TMESCSR leadership, we have updated TMESCSR landing page.
  • Meeting start- and end-times can now be set at five-minute intervals.
  • Profile image editor for communities and workgroups has been improved to allow image retention on form validation warnings or errors.