Release notes for Version 2.2

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We have resolved 27 ticketed new features, tasks, bugs, or improvements. Significant improvements are listed below.

New Features

  • Easier sharing to VUMC and the public.  Sharing to the public and/or the VUMC is now made easier with the addition of the “Share with public” and “Share with VUMC” buttons. From a resource, simply click on the action button, select Share (or Move, or Copy) and look for the green buttons!
  • Community contact – Identify a contact for your community and enter his/her data into the new community contact field. This will be displayed on a community's profile page.
  • Soft quotas for workgroups - We have enabled "soft" quota limits for workgroups - accessible via the workgroup dashboard.
  • Member last active date – We have added the last login date to the member profile card, in order to provide information about the activity of members.


  • Updated VCSCB & TMESCSR landing pages - Working with the VCSCB leadership, we have updated its landing page, as well as the TMESCSR landing page.
  • Feature a collection – You may now feature collections via a community's (or workgroup's) "Manage Resources" section - click on the cog/action button to view the option, or do it from the collection view page via the action button.
  • Mouse strain MGI links - MGI links have been updated to reflect changes at the Mouse Genome Informatics resource.
  • Sidemenu re-organization - We have reorganized side menu items so that community and member menus are easier to locate.
  • Addgene links - An Addgene field has been added to the vector resource type, which provides a link to the Addgene page when populated.
  • Login prompt - When opening the login window, the "mouse focus" is now on the username and allows the user to tab to the password field.
  • Newest members - All new Vanderbilt members are now listed in the "latest members" section of the navigation menu.
  • Antibody name exposure - In the antibody resource form, the name of the antibody is shown to the user as it is being assembled from user-derived input.