This is an example of a human cell line for teaching purposes.
The line was established from cells from a metastasis in the small bowel mesentery.

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Cell Line Annotations

Organism Human (Homo sapiens)
Tissue Cervix
Growth Properties adherent
Morphology epithelial
Antibiotics Not provided
Trypsin 0.25% (w/v) Trypsin - 0.53 mM EDTA
Passage Number Not provided
Splitting Ratio 1:3 to 1:8
Media Change Every 2 to 3 days
Media Recipe ATCC-formulated RPMI-1640 Medium, Catalog No. 30-2001 + 10$ FBS
Mycoplasma Not contaminated
Biosafety Level 2


Commercial ATCC
Catalog #ATCC® CRL-1550™
Stock Date August 14, 2013

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Acid Anhydride Hydrolases Adult Amino Acid Sequence Antigens, Neoplasm Base Sequence Blotting, Southern Cell Line Cell Migration Inhibition Cells, Cultured Cell Transformation, Viral Chorionic Gonadotropin Cloning, Molecular Culture Media DNA, Neoplasm DNA, Viral DNA Restriction Enzymes Endometrial Neoplasms Female Gene Expression Regulation, Neoplastic Genes Genes, Viral Humans Leukocytes Neoplasm Proteins Nucleic Acid Heteroduplexes Nucleic Acid Hybridization Ovarian Neoplasms Papillomaviridae Polymerase Chain Reaction Protein Biosynthesis Proteins RNA, Messenger RNA, Viral Sequence Analysis, DNA Transcription, Genetic Tumor Cells, Cultured Uterine Cervical Neoplasms


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