Training videos regarding the use of Labnodes are available through this collection.

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Create and Manage a Labnodes Workgroup VideoPagevideo, workgroup, manage3102
Create a Labnodes Vector Resource VideoPagevideo, resource, vector, plasmid3297
Share a Labnodes Resource VideoPagevideo, resource, share4923
Create a Labnodes Meeting VideoPagevideo, meeting3294
Create a Labnodes Account VideoPagevideo, labnodes account3092
Feature a Labnodes Collection VideoPagevideo, collection, feature3296
Create an Antibody Resource VideoPagevideo, antibody, tutorial4749
Add a Resource to an Existing Labnodes Collection VideoPageresource, video, collections3145
Update your Labnodes Profile, Contact Information and Publications VideoPageprofile, contact information, publications, video5506
Complete your Labnodes Acount VideoPagelabnodes account, profile, publications, video, delegates, email preferences3099
Invite Others to your Labnodes Community VideoPagecommunity, members, video3101
Feature a Labnodes Collection on the Community Profile PagePagecollection, resource, video, information management, labnodes11250
Add a Labnodes Collection and/or Resource VideoPagecollection, resource, labnodes, video, information management10676
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