Training videos regarding the use of Labnodes are available through this collection.

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Create a Labnodes Account VideoPagevideo, labnodes account3092
Complete your Labnodes Acount VideoPagelabnodes account, profile, publications, video, delegates, email preferences3099
Invite Others to your Labnodes Community VideoPagecommunity, members, video3101
Create and Manage a Labnodes Workgroup VideoPagevideo, workgroup, manage3102
Add a Resource to an Existing Labnodes Collection VideoPageresource, video, collections3145
Create a Labnodes Meeting VideoPagevideo, meeting3294
Feature a Labnodes Collection VideoPagevideo, collection, feature3296
Create a Labnodes Vector Resource VideoPagevideo, resource, vector, plasmid3297
Create an Antibody Resource VideoPagevideo, antibody, tutorial4749
Share a Labnodes Resource VideoPagevideo, resource, share4923
Update your Labnodes Profile, Contact Information and Publications VideoPageprofile, contact information, publications, video5506
Add a Labnodes Collection and/or Resource VideoPagecollection, resource, labnodes, video, information management10676
Feature a Labnodes Collection on the Community Profile PagePagecollection, resource, video, information management, labnodes11250
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