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Transformation of E. coliProtocolbacteria, E. coli, transformation3062
Saphenous vein blood collectionProtocolblood, mouse, saphenous3069
Puregene DNA isolation from earsProtocolDNA extraction, ears, mouse3068
Making a glycerol stock of bacterial DNAProtocolbacteria, glycerol3063
Harvesting MEFsProtocolMEFs, mESCs3066
Gene targeting and exchange vector guidelinesProtocolexchange cassette, gene target3061
General scheme for cloning in plasmidsProtocolcloning, insert, ligation, vector3060
DNA lysis, extraction and isolation from ES cellsProtocolDNA extraction, DNA Isolation3065
Casting & running agarose gelsProtocolagarose, electrophoresis, gel3059
Calculating beta cell massProtocolembedding, fixation, immunohistochemistry, parafin embedding3067
Antibiotic selection of gene targeted mESCsProtocoldiphtheria toxin, gene targeting, geneticin, hygromycin B, selectable markers3064
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