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NIDDK Medical Student Research Program Symposium: W. Timothy Garvey, M.D., from the University of
Alabama, Birmingham, moderates student poster presentations.


The Vanderbilt DRTC enhances the efforts of undergraduate summer research programs and
diabetes-related training grants, which is in keeping with the idea that DRTCs promotes education and training. 

These are outlined below:

  • "Integrated Training in Engineering and Diabetes, ITED." an NRSA grant that provides training for both predoctoral students and postdoctoral fellows with engineering and quantitative physical science backgrounds to work on research problems at the interface of engineering and diabetes. 
    T32 DK101003
    PI, Scott A. Guelcher, Ph.D.
    Please Click HERE for more details »
  • "Vanderbilt Summer Science Academy for Undergraduates."
    This program provides undergraduate students who are interested in diabetes the opportunity
    for a research experience in one of the many laboratories associated with the Vanderbilt Diabetes Center.
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