The Educational Enrichment Program has a multifaceted approach to meet the educational needs of the center investigators, including leaders of the projects and Pilot and Feasibility projects,  and to continue to evolve to meet educational needs for center investigators and the broader scientific community. The addition of a joint web site with the adult nephrology O'Brien center allows greater outreach and visibility and impact on the community at large, as well as within the scientific kidney-focused research area. The programs to further development of the young investigators, through travel awards and pilot and feasibility grants, involve ongoing mentoring and interaction with experienced center members, both through our research-in-progress conferences and our yearly mini-retreat and symposium. Together, these educational programs provide a rich environment to further synergize interactions with adult nephrology, the broader pediatric nephrology community, strengthen bonds and research collaborations between Vanderbilt University and the University of Washington, and increase communications. We now provide a more detailed description of each of the elements of our educational enrichment program.


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