The diabetes-related research base at Vanderbilt builds on the longstanding, broad-based excellence of basic and clinical research at Vanderbilt and encompasses a wide range of scientific disciplines and specialties related to the physiology of carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism, the pathogenesis and treatment of diabetes, the complications of diabetes, and the translation of new knowledge to the clinic and the community.

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Vanderbilt DRTC-affiliated investigators are grouped into five research areas based on common scientific interests:


Cell Signaling and Oxidative Stress Research
Co-Leader: James May; James.May@Vanderbilt.Edu
Co-Leader: Roger Colbran; Roger.Colbran@Vanderbilt.Edu


Clinical Research and Epidemiology
Co-Leader: Tom Elasy; Tom.Elasy@Vanderbilt.Edu
Co-Leader: Alp Ikizler; Alp.Ikizler@Vanderbilt.Edu


Complications Related to Diabetes
Co-Leader: Jeff Davidson; Jeff.Davidson@Vanderbilt.Edu
Co-Leader: John Penn; John.S.Penn@Vanderbilt.Edu


In Vivo Metabolic Regulation and Obesity Research
Co-Leader: Alyssa Hasty; Alyssa.Hasty@Vanderbilt.Edu
Co-Leader: Kevin Niswender; Kevin.Niswender@Vanderbilt.Edu


Islet Development, Biology, and Immunology
Co-Leader: Guoqiang Gu; Guoqiang.Gu@Vanderbilt.Edu
Co-Leader: Tom Thomas; James.W.Thomas@Vanderbilt.Edu

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Cell Signaling and Oxidative Stress ResearchPageoxidative stress, cell signaling
Clinical Research and EpidemiologyPageepidemiology
Complications Related to DiabetesPagediabetic complications
In Vivo Metabolic Regulation and Obesity ResearchPageobesity, metabolism
Islet Development, Biology, and ImmunologyPageislet, immunology
Vanderbilt Clinical Trials Online DatabasePagediabetes, trials, clinical trials
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