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The Vanderbilt Diabetes Research and Training Center (DRTC) announces the
availability of two 2016 Pilot and Feasibility Grants in the areas below:

Diabetes Research & Training Center Grant
     Covers Basic and/or Clinic Research related to Diabetes, Metabolism and/or Obesity

Please CLICK HERE for more details »

Vanderbilt Diabetes Center Discovery Program Grant
    Covers Diabetes and/or Obesity-related Pilot studies that utilize high-throughput
Facility Bio VU and/or the Mass Spectrometry Research Centers

Please CLICK HERE for more details »


Pilot & Feasibility Award Recipients »



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2015 Grant Application PHS 398 FormsPageNational Institutes of Health, PHS 398, Grant Application
2015 VDC Discovery Program Grant GuidelinesPageGrant, Pilot & Feasibility, VDC Discovery Program
2016 DRTC Grant GuidelinesPageDRTC, Grant, Pilot & Feasibility
Vanderbilt Pilot & Feasibility Award RecipientsCollectionPilot & Feasibility, grants, Recipients
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