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Vanderbilt Cryopreserved Mouse RepositoryCollectioncryopreservation, repository, VCMR14860
Vanderbilt DRTC InvestigatorsCollectiondatabase, research, Investigator, area3557
Quick LinksCollectiondiabetes10652
Featured Investigator : Blind, Dr. RayPagediabetes, archives, featured investigator13224
2017 P&F Recipients: Project SummariesProtocoldiabetes, awards, CDTR15834
2015 Vanderbilt Scholars in DiabetesPagediabetes scholars, achievement, research13639
Vanderbilt Diabetes: Training ProgramsCollectionDiabetes, training, research, vanderbilt3581
Congratulations to Jennifer StancillPageDissertations, VCSCB news14956
P&F Grant GuidelinesPageDRTC, Grant, Pilot & Feasibility5547
FAQCollectionenergy balance, Core, quarantine, experiments, questions, ship mice, nutrition, custom diet, non-invasive, genotypes, body composition10765
Energy Balance Sub-CoreCollectionEnergy Metabolism, Energy Balance, physical activity intensity, Methods13109
Featured Investigator : Magnuson, Dr. MarkPagefeatured investigator, beta cells, Pancreatic Inflammation14852
Assay Design and ValidationCollectionFRET, BRET, fluorescence, scintillation proximity assay, fluorescence polarization, time-resolved fluorescence, absorbance, pharmacological discovery, compound screening, compound distribution5082
pMCS.DT-APlasmid Vectorgene targeting, DT, diptheria toxin19
129S6.Cg-Gcktm2Mgn/VuMouse Strainglucokinase, Gck, gckK414E, MODY, Mgn511
B6.129S6-Gcktm1.1MgnMouse Strainglucokinase, Gck, gcklox512
129S6.Cg-Gcktm3Mgn/VuMouse Strainglucokinase, Gck, PHHI, gckA456V, Mgn510
12th Annual Glucose Clamping the Conscious Mouse: A Laboratory CourseCollectionGlucose clamping, Course10629
Goals and expectations of the VCMRCollectiongoals, cryopreserved, VCMR, guidelines, expectations15519
Congratulations Ed Levine, Ph.D.Pagegrant, nih, vcscb14626
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