This is a collection of educational items that may be useful for investigators who generate and/or use genetically altered mouse models.

Keywords: CRISPR lecture

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Crispr Biology: From Foundational to Translational SciencePageCRISPR, Lecture12092
Envigo (Harlan) Dock2 gene mutation in C57BL/6NHsdPageEnvigo, C57Bl6, C57BL6/NHsd, Dock2, mutation, Harlan14396
Find Your Cre MousePageCre/ERT11209
Incoming shipments of embryos or spermPagerederivation, embryos, sperm, relocation of rodent colonies, shipment of embryos or sperm, Research Animal Transfer System (RATS)1407
KOMP and EUCOMM Guidelines and ResourcesProtocolKOMP, JM8, JM8A, EUCOMM1438
Links of InterestPageIMSR, expression, cre2713
Mouse husbandryProtocolweaning, strains, mice, germline, breeding439
Mouse NomenclaturePageFormal Name, guide for nomenclature, MGI, Mouse Genome Informatics, nomenclature14588
Rederivation and cryopreservation optionsProtocolsperm cryopreservation, embryo cryopreservation, embryo retrieval489
Research becomes personal for DelpirePageresearch, transgenic, knockout, Delpire3017
Study helps define pancreatic cancer’s cellular originsPagepancreas, mouse3043
The rd8 mutation of the Crb1 gene is present in vendor lines of C57BL/6N micePageC57Bl/6J, C57Bl/6N1594
TMESCSR Rederivation Options for Incoming ShipmentPagetransfer, sperm, rederivation, IVF, embryo1354
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