The Mouse and ESC Shared Resource provides updated protocols that are of relevant use for those preparing samples for, or analyzing samples from, the Shared Resource. For details, select a protocol from the menu to the right.

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Annotation of plasmid sequencesPageplasmid, key words, annotation371
BAC DNA CsCl gradient purificationProtocolCsCl purification, BAC, BAC DNA prep1121
BAC maxiprep using Nucleobond BAC 100 columnsProtocolBAC, BAC DNA prep1441
BAC/plasmid crude alkaline lysis miniprep protocolProtocolplasmid, alkaline lysis, BAC711
BAC recombination protocols (Mortlock lab 2012)ProtocolBAC, electroporation, Recombination3165
BAC subcloning by gap repairProtocolBAC, recombination, subcloning, targeting vector3166
Bringing up ES cells from liquid nitrogenProtocolthawing and plating, mESCs381
Cloning protospacer adapters into PX plasmids via BbsI siteProtocolCRISPR, PX330, PX335, PX458, PX45910702
Ear punch chartProtocolpunch, mouse, ear279
Generic mouse genotyping protocolPagegenotyping CRISPR15913
Guidelines for preparing CRISPR/Cas9-expressing DNA plasmids for CRISPR injections (10/21/14)ProtocolCRISPR, DNA isolation10724
Guide to microinjection of KOMP JM8 and JM8A3 cellProtocolmicroinjection, KOMP, JM8, JM8A31356
Precipitation of long ssDNA oligos to remove potential contaminants before CRISPR injectionsProtocolcrispr, oligo13328
Preparation of mouse ES cells for karyotypingProtocolmESC, karyotyping297
Preparation of mouse ES cells for microinjectionProtocolmicroinjection, mESC298
Puregene DNA isolation from earsProtocolmouse, ears, DNA extraction369
Puregene DNA isolation from tailsProtocoltails, mouse, DNA extraction370
Purification of DNA for pronuclear microinjectionProtocolpronuclear, microinjection, DNA300
Quantitation of transgene copy numberProtocolcopy number505
Rodent PCR PanelProtocolpathogen screening, ES cells, DAC1578
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