Priority is given to Vanderbilt Investigators who are members of the Research Centers that subsidize this facility. These Supporting Centers include the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, the Diabetes Research and Training Center, and the Center for Stem Cell Biology. Vanderbilt investigators who are not members of one of these centers are also eligible to use all of the services of this resource.

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Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART)Servicerederivation, reproduction, mice, ART, IVF, embryo transfer402
ES Cell MicroinjectionsServicemicroinjection, mESC, blastocyst, KOMP, EUCOMM403
Genome EditingProtocolCrispr, Cas9, Microinjection11363
Pronuclear and Cytoplasmic InjectionsServicetransgenics, pronucleus, DNA injection, transgene405
Sperm or Embryo CryopreservationServicesperm, cryopreservation, mouse, embryo407
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