Steps to request a Labnodes group training session

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VCSCBi: Labnodes Training Master

We are are available to meet with your group and provide community (lab, core, department, etc.) specific training.

This training is designed to:

  1. Provide an overview of Labnodes navigation,
  2. Describe/demonstrate the many Labnodes features and teach users how to optimize these for your specific community,
  3. Provide hands on training,
  4. Answer group specific questions,
  5. Identify features that your group would like to see added to Labnodes.

To request a Group Training Session:

  1. Email or call JP Cartailler at: or 615-322-6987,
  2. Identify date/time/location for training,
  3. Ask JP to reserve a meeting space, or provide a space that includes a digital projector/screen and Wi-Fi connection.

Follow-up training is also available upon request.