Antibody Purification Service

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VAPR: Services Master

VAPR has state of the art expertise and equipment for scaled up production and purification of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins

Turnaround time is rapid and cost per milligram is extremely low. 

 Antibody Purification Services:

  • Large-scale monoclonal antibody production and purification (generally obtain 20-80mg purified antibody per liter of hybridoma culture).
  • Returned to you in PBS or the buffer of your choice.
  • Protein G purification of antibodies from hybridoma supernatant
  • Affinity Purification of polyclonal antibodies

Customized services available upon request

Exact prices will vary according to the actual services and activities required.

Please contact us or submit a project to get a quote or for more details.