Polyclonal Antibody Production

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Polyclonal Only Antibody Project

Polyclonal projects in rabbits, chickens, or other species, are also available as stand alone services.  Prices vary by species and project requirements.  Please contact us or submit a project to get a quote or for more details.

Complete Antibody Project  

This project format is designed to maximize the generation of high quality antibodies.  We have combined all of the factors we have found to positively impact the isolation of novel and useful antibody reagents.

One of the key features is the generation of antigens to two or more antigenic regions of the target protein (amino and carboxy termini if appropriate).  These antigens will then be co-immunized and screening will be conducted for antibodies targeting both antigens.

To begin work on a project, only requires submission of sequence information.

This combination package includes:

Custom Rabbit Polyclonal Package
    o    2 Rabbits included
    o    Includes all costs for 59 day protocol. Extensions available.
    o    Collection and ELISA screening of sera
    o    Optional affinity purification of antibodies available

Combined Antibody Project

Identical to the project format above, except only one antigen will be created and utilized.