Key Concepts

  1. Landing Page features
  2. Request a Landing Page

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Request a Landing Page


Key Concepts

  1. Landing Page features
  2. Request a Landing Page

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Landing Page Features

A landing page provides a custom built and individually branded web page that enables the Vanderbilt Research community to advertise all of its primary features, services and objectives at a single locale. Landing pages facilitate quick access to areas within the Labnodes community as well as other external websites. To see an example of a Landing Page go to the VCSCB Landing Page.

  1. Most features included on a Landing Page are derived directly from Labnodes data for the community being featured on the Landing Page.
  2. The member requesting the Landing Page may determine which features to include.
  3. Landing Page features can vary depending on whether the page describes a core lab, research laboratory, center or other group.
  4. Some features to consider are:

Core Lab

  • “About the Core Lab” description (1 – 3 short paragraphs)
  • Images/graphics
  • Contact information­­­­­
  • Pricing
  • Management personnel
  • Overview of services with individual descriptions
  • Other personnel
  • Acknowledgements







Research Laboratories, Centers, or other groups

  • “About the lab (center, etc.)”description (1 – 3 short paragraphs)
  • Images/graphics
  • Contact information
  • Faculty listings
  • General information
  • Upcoming meetings
  • Other highlights

How to request a Landing Page

  1. Send an email to
  1. List the features you wish to include on the Landing Page.
  1. If you are including an image that is not located at Labnodes, please attach the image file to the email.
  1. Once the Landing Page has been created the requesting member will receive an email that includes a link to the proposed Landing Page for his/her review.
  1. Send requests for changes via reply email or contact us at 615-875-8953. Please include a detailed description of the desired edits.
  1. Once the Landing Page is approved, a URL will be assigned to the page, for example: or


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