Release notes for Version 2.0.1

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Added on November 1, 2012 at 10:49 AM by Cartailler, Jean-Philippe
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We have resolved 27 tasks, bugs, or improvements:


  • Search - Code for global search was improved.
  • Community > Manage Collections - Listings are now AJAX'ed.  Javascript fixes as well.
  • Workgroups - Workgroup access button hidden unless user is logged in.
  • Publications - Pagination navigation is now hidden unless more than one page of results exists.
  • Collections sharing
    • Differentiation between communities and workgroups added.
    • Resolved conflicts when copying a resource to the same collection.
  • Collections - Listings are now AJAX'ed.
  • Freezer app
    • Improved the "default" lab, to default to the proper lab the logged-in user is a part of.
    • Improved the modal window height for the slot view.
  • Design
    • Removed highlighting of "View more..." link in sidemenu.
    • Removed "Research" from "Research Profile" for semantic flexibility for non-academics.
  • YouTube - Created new YouTube account for 2.x videos and incorporated into homepage.
  • Delegates - Created separate management page for Delegate Management.
  • Featured Affiliations - Fixed missing "no-image" photo for members that have not uploaded their own photograph.
  • Landing pages - Missing CSS and Javascript were added back. (PATCHED in 2.0)
  • Brand and Marketing - Missing link/collection resolved. (PATCHED in 2.0)
  • Gene Targeting Experiment Tracker
    • Main listing table sorting is fixed.
    • Fixed image size and listing issue in IE.
    • Fixed listings dropping to bottom of page in IE.