Release notes for Version 1.8

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We have resolved 278 ticketed tasks, bugs, or improvements. Significant improvements are listed below:

New Features

  • New name and branding. has a new name and new logo. We are now Labnodes and our URL is: Not only is the new name shorter and simpler, it directly communicates our main goal which is to facilitate the sharing of information between laboratories.  The re-branding will also help us to improve our identity both within and outside Vanderbilt. We have also included the official Vanderbilt University "brand bar."
  • Open access to all Vanderbilt employees. All active VUNetID account holders may now create an account on Labnodes, without requiring an invitation from an existing Labnodes user.
  • Access to non-Vanderbilt users. Collaborators from outside Vanderbilt can be invited to the system.
  • New navigation tools. A new top-level navigation bar offers quick access to key areas of Labnodes. The mini-dashboard has been replaced with a drop-down multi-level menu, which is easier to read and is tucked away unless you need it. Just login and hover over your name in the top right to access it.
  • Keyword display and linkages.  Keywords are now displayed on the member and community profile pages.  These keywords create a network between members, communities and resources that have identical keywords.
  • Share resources directly between users.  Share resources with individual members using look ahead search of active members.
  • New user interface for resource sharing.  A brand new and much simplified interface for sharing resources exist, providing clutter-free selections.
  • Private Workspace for each member.  Each member has his/her own private workspace. No other users can access, or be invited, into the Workspace. It is meant as your personal whiteboard and place to keep things to yourself.
  • Easily set permissions for shared documents.  You may select "Can Edit" and/or "Read Only" in the Share Resources or Manage Resource Contribution windows.
  • Edit sharing permissions from the Actions button.  Click "Edit Contribution" from the Action button drop down menu in order to change sharing permissions.
  • Share, copy and move collections/resources from Workgroups.  You may manipulate Workgroup resources/collections by sharing, copying or moving them to other members/communities/collections.
  • Embed images in resource content area. If you have uploaded image attachments to a resource, you may now embed thumbnails of the image(s) into the content area.
  • Integration with LDAP. When inviting a new (Vanderbilt) user to the system via an email address, we validate that this email address exists. Future releases will increase LDAP integration.
  • New user registration/account creation page. A new page exists to capture minimal information for incoming users. Included is a requirement for every user to agree to Vanderbilt's computing usage policies.


  • File uploads. The interface for document file uploads to resources has been completely revamped and features a progress bar and drag-and-drop (in modern browsers) features. When creating a new resource, files can be added prior to saving the resource itself.
  • Member and community profiles re-designed. Both member and community profiles have received a face-lift, which provides better access to important information.
  • Member dashboard re-designed. The member dashboard is a treasure trove of information and provides member-specific links to various information in Labnodes that are most important to the user.
  • Simplified role based resource management.  Contribution owners can more easily, and granularly, manage the permissions for contributions to specific collections.
  • Subscription permissions required for editing resources.  In order to edit a resource the member must have edit permission for the collection the resource belongs to.
  • Mouse strain resource type. Improvement were made to the fields and user interface.
  • Image references embedded from uploaded documents.  New rich text editor plugin allows uploaded images to be easily embedded into the text content area.
  • Branding in email notifications.  The Labnodes logo now appears (right click to download image) in all automated email communication from
  • Generic roles for user profiles. We have added an option for users to select if they are Faculty, Staff or Trainee.
  • View meetings in the last 30 days. A one-click option was added to the Meetings view to access all meetings in the last 30 days.
  • Publication graph.Time axis labels updated for users with long publication timelines.
  • Rich text editor nested lists. We have fixed the issue with nested bullet (or numbered) lists not being formatted correctly when using the rich text editor.

Bug Fixes

  • Community meetings link broken by editing meeting collection which changed the collection type
  • Duplicate images in the image editor
  • Magnuson access to Huppert freezer database space
  • Notifications display
  • Member table title (e.g. Mr.) label value selected
  • Genbank file (.gb) format
  • Minified javascript files into one file
  • PubMed errors logged for tracking
  • Accept affiliation request link is no longer displayed for revoked affiliation messages
  • Community chief affiliations cannot be revoked/suspended
  • Collection list only displays resource collections
  • Cookie domain set for Labnodes
  • Community name at IE