Jud's Basic Antibody staining protocol:  
Step Time Temp Reagent
Permeablize 30 minutes RT PBS + 0.2% Triton X 100
Block 1 hour RT PBS-T (0.2% Tween 20) + 0.5% BSA
wash Rinse RT PBS-T 
Primary  Overnight  4C Primary AB in PBS-T (0.2% Tween 20) + 0.5% BSA
Wash 3x 5 min RT PBS-T (0.2% Tween 20)
Secondary 2 hours RT Secondary AB (1:1000) in PBS-T (0.2% Tween 20) + 0.5% BSA
Wash 2x 5 min RT PBS-T (0.2% Tween 20)
Wash 1x 5 min RT PBS
Mount   RT Prolong-gold w/DAPI (10 uL per Adult Pancreatic Section).  Seal with Cover slip

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Antibody Annotations

Clone Name Not Provided
Antigen MafA
Antigen Gene ID Not Provided
Source of Antigen Mouse
Type Polyclonal
Isotype Not Applicable
Group Type Primary
Immunogen Source Peptide
Peptide N-terminal peptide
Raised in Rabbit
Cross Reacts with Unknown
Conjugation Type Not Provided
Antigen Purity Not Provided
Positive Control Not Provided
Concentration Not Provided


Commercial Bethyl Laboratories
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