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Antibody Annotations

Clone Name Not Provided
Antigen Histone H2A.Z
Antigen Gene ID Not Provided
Source of Antigen Human
Type Polyclonal
Isotype Not Applicable
Group Type Primary
Immunogen Source Peptide
Peptide Not Provided
Raised in Rabbit
Cross Reacts with Mouse, Rat, Human
Conjugation Type Not Provided
Antigen Purity Affinity Purified
Positive Control Not Provided
Concentration Not Provided


Commercial Cell Signaling Technology
Catalog #Not provided
Stock Date Not provided

Inventory Location


Characterization Data


Notes Not provided
Protocols Not provided

Publications / Citations

  1. In and out: histone variant exchange in chromatin. Jin J, Cai Y, Li B, Conaway RC, Workman JL, Conaway JW, Kusch T (2005) Trends Biochem Sci 30(12): 680-7
    › Primary publication · 16257529 (PubMed) · Added on 1/3/2014

MeSH Terms

Amino Acid Sequence Animals Chromatin DNA Repair Genetic Variation Histones Humans Models, Biological Molecular Chaperones Sequence Homology, Amino Acid Transcription, Genetic


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