Release notes for Version 1.7

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We have resolved 108 ticketed tasks, bugs, or improvements. Significant improvements are listed below:

New Features

  • Two new Landing Pages launched.  Landing pages for both the Pediatric Center for Excellence in Nephrology (PCEN) and the Transgenic Mouse ES Cell Shared Resource (TMESCSR) have been launched.  These are custom built, individually branded web pages that enable the community to advertise all of its primary features on a single web page.
  • Antibody Resource Type added. Antibodies, as official resources, can be added to collections.
  • Featured Collections.  Members can now select collections to feature.  These collections will appear as the top ten collections in member side bar menu.
  • Daily Digest Email for Affiliations, Contributions and Collections
    • A Preferences tab has been added to the Manage Account page where members may control their Email Frequency.
    • Members may choose between receiving individual emails when changes occur, or receive one 'daily digest email' that includes all the changes from the previous day.
  • Author specification.  Members can now specify their name within the publication author list.  If members have published under more than one name, for example maiden and married names, they may now specify multiple names, thus including all publications in the publication graph at the member profile page.
  • Meeting duration added.  The length of meetings, seminars and symposia may now be specified as 30, 60, 90 minutes or All Day.
  • Profile card URL.  We have added a unique member card URL.  This will allow the member profile card to be captured and inserted into other web sites.
  • Insert YouTube videos.  YouTube videos may now be inserted into the description or content box of a resource.  Simply click on the YouTube icon in the menu bar and copy the video URL into the video code window.
  • Insert and place images.  Insert and place images into your resource descriptions and/or content windows via the TinyMCE Image Manager.  Click on the image icon and insert the image URL and preferred alignment into the appropriate places in the pop-up window.
  • Homepage videos.  A  carousel of training videos has been added to the home page.
  • Workgroups listing button.  A Workgroups listing button on the member communities page for logged in users belonging to workgroup(s) has been added.  When you click on 'my communities' in the mini-dashboard at the top you are taken to your community affiliations page where you may click on the 'communities' or 'workgroups' button in order to view these affiliations.

Other improvements

  • Resource review step shortened.  The review step for submitting resources has been removed. 'Save and go to next step/Go to previous step/Finish and Submit' has been replaced with 'Create Document' and 'Update Document,' thus executing this process with only one wizard step
  • Member Name added to Resource History List.  In addition to including the time and date, the time stamp now provides the name of the person that modified the resource.
  • Collection suspension removed.  The ability to suspend a collection has been removed, thus making collection and contribution actions more similar.
  • Telephone field.  We have added a telephone/fax field to the contact address section. If this is left blank, the member's main account contact telephone number will be shown with the address at the top of the member profile.
  • Branded logo support.  VUMC department communities now have branded logo support.
  • Collection content.  In addition to providing a description of your collection(s), you may now include content in the new content field on the collection profile page.
  • Faculty identification.  Simply check "yes" next to Faculty Member on your manage account profile page in order to identify yourself as a faculty member.
  • Terminology simplification
    • 'Revoke' has been changed to 'Remove' when referring to the removal of a contribution.
    • 'Removed' contributions can now be 'Restored.'
    • We have also removed the contribution functionality 'Suspend.'


  • PHP Code now uses PHP time instead of DB's Current_Timestamp for better ORM like support
  • Improved Code Completion Support For Manager Components
  • Member Collection Permissions now supports array access - Better Collection Permission Handling
  • Include component name in common API methods, e.g insertCollection() instead of insert()
  • Increased logging of exceptions caught within action controllers
  • Switched to HTML5 document type
  • Upgraded versions of JQueryUI and Highcharts
  • Custom JQuery UI extension for alert, prompt and modal windows
  • Fixing empty strings for null
  • Setting default primary community for members with only one active affiliation
  • Fix document_manager created_by and modified_by

Bug Fixes

  • Member Manage Collection links incorrect for workgroups
  • Added 'suspended' members to the Archived list
    • Archived members are now those who do not have an active affiliation and do not have 'invited', 'declined' or 'withdrawn' statuses
  • Zend DB fetch functions do not support multiple values for prepared statements with single placement holders.
  • Affiliation email notifications now have relevant subject text instead of blanket 'New Affiliation Offer', e.g. Affiliation Revoked, Suspended.
  • Creating a collection will now redirect the user to the newly created collection page rather than the community manage collections page.
  • Editing shared resource shows incorrect master collection owner link
  • branded logo is used if a branded community logo is not found
  • Image directory separator missing in file paths when resizing images in PDF documents