Release notes for Version 1.6

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We have resolved 79 ticketed tasks, bugs, or improvements. Significant improvements are listed below:

  • Copy a collection. Members may now copy an entire collection to a new community. This feature allows collaborators with offer subscription permission to share entire resource collections. Resources may still be shared on an individual basis without sharing the entire collection.
  • Move a collection. We have also added a new feature that allows members to move a resource collection from one community to another. Once the collection has been moved, it may be moved back to its home community or to yet another community.
  • Delete (permanently) a collection. It is now possible to delete an entire collection.  Members may remove collections by clicking on the Actions button and selecting Remove under the Manage Subscription heading.
  • Resource versioning. Now members may view an earlier version of a resource. Simply click on the versioning box located at the bottom right of each resource and select the version of the resource that you wish to view.
  • Archived Members
    • Previous community members are now visible.
    • Community members are divided into two groups; Active and Archived.
    • Members may view a list of community alumni (archived) by selecting Members from the Community Menu and then clicking the Archived button at the top right of the members listing page. Click the Active button in order to return to the current (active) members listing.
  • Landing Pages for Communities
    • Custom built, individually branded web page
    • Enables a community to advertise all of its primary features, services and objectives on a single web page and facilitates quick access to areas within the community or to external websites.
    • A landing page may begin with a short description, similar to the one found on the community profile page.
    • Include images
    • Other key features may include contact information, faculty listings, general information, upcoming meetings and other highlights.
    • In the case of Core Labs, important items such as available services and pricing provide easy access to this information for core customers.
    • If on-line customer sign-up is available, a link to request the core facility services may be included.
    • Information can be dynamically imported into the landing page that is updated via the community management web interface.
  • Other
    • Action menu - significant consolidation and improvements to the actions menus
    • Email templates are now HTML and TXT based
    • Community and collection management pages have been simplified
    • Subscriptions permission area simplified