Release notes for Version 1.5

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We have resolved 149 ticketed tasks, bugs, or improvements. Significant improvements are listed below:

  • New Features
    • Homepage Features - We have added feature description banners (and target pages), resource search, and upcoming meetings to the homepage. We hope that this will provide useful context and instruction for those new, and still learning, the site.
    • Meetings - Perhaps our most exciting new feature, any community now has the ability to add, edit, and share meetings. With meeting-specific annotations, you can manage lab or core facility meetings, seminars and others. Decide whether to share them to everyone, or keep them private to your community.
    • Resource Transfer and Copy Actions - You can now transfer (or move) resources from one collection to another. This is especially useful if you are trying to break a large collection into multiple smaller ones. Furthermore, you can now also copy (duplicate) a resource, either to the existing collection or another. This will result in two identical copies, which can then be independently edited and/or shared.
    • On-the-fly PDFs for Resource Pages - If you would like to simply share a resource with someone who cannot access the resource page, you can save the page as a PDF and email it or otherwise share it.
    • Action Menu - Throughout the site, we have been making available a context-specific "Actions" button, which drives a menu with page-specific actions. For example, if you are on a resource page, you may see the ability to edit, share, copy or transfer a resource, as well as revoke its contribution to the collection.
    • Publication Timeline - For members, we have added a graphical timeline of publications managed by members.
    • Re-invites for Pending Affiliations - If you have invited a new user to your community and they have not yet accepted the invitation, you can re-invite the member, as well as update their email address.
  • Significant Improvements
    • Consolidation of Collections - We have merged the five pages that comprised collections into one page and removed the Collections menu. This results in an easier-to-navigate interface and demotes the collection to being more of a virtual folder. The collection page will show resources by default, and optional and additional information at the user's discretion.
    • Login Forwarding - When trying to access a confidential page while not logged in, should the user successfully login, they will be redirected to the original page they were attempting to access.
    • Look and Feel - We have moved towards a fixed-width layout, a lighter-colored theme, simplified resource and member pages, metadata viewing and dashboard notifications.
    • Resource Counts in Community Dashboards - The resource and collection counts now provide a more logical selection of information.
    • Contributions to the VUMC and World Communities - Resource contributions (by sharing or otherwise) are automatically accepted by both communities. This is especially useful when sharing meetings with the public, so that they will be immediately viewable.
  • Other Improvements
    • The community collection menu option has been relocated above the subcommunities menu option, for better access to community resources.
    • Downsized the member images in the member lists and displayed 10 per row.
    • Increased the allowed character length for affiliation titles.
    • Community profile page now shows only featured publications
    • Improved the sitemap page layout
    • Consolidated various Javascript and CSS to improve speed of page loads
    • Revoking a master contribution automatically revokes related resource contributions
    • Added a “View All” display count in side-menus
    • Resource-associate files now include the name of the user who uploaded the file
    • Allow contributions to be removed via the Action button
    • Fixed links to PowerPoint in secured pages
    • Allow non-owner subscription permissions to be editable
    • Fixed display issues in Help page and made improvements to glossary terms
    • Removed dummy text in a few areas
    • Community featured publications are now paginated
    • Gene Targeting Experiment Tracker – a variety of issues have been resolved
    • Improved sanitization of rich text editor input
    • Fixed default addresses behavior for members
    • Upgraded to newer version of the Zend Framework