Release notes for Version 1.4

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We have resolved 71 ticketed tasks, bugs, or improvements. Major issues are outlined below:

  • Resources
    • Resource Sharing Widget - We have made significant improvements to the resource sharing widget, which allows searching and filtering to quickly find what community/collection to share to, as well as list which community/collection a resource may already be shared with.
    • Improvements to Resource File Management - Improvements to the resource-associated file management and viewing should provide an easier mechanism for adding, editing, deleting and viewing such files.
    • Resource Search Includes File Search - As a first pass, searching resources will match the file name and description of all files associated with the resource. We will be working on a file management interface for a future release.
    • Resource Tags/Keywords - Improvements to the interface, mainly to do with validation.
    • Mouse Resource Type - Research applications are now optional, without generating a failure.
    • Document/Pages/Services - The "Content" field is now optional.
  • Gene Targeting Experiment Tracker - General improvements and fixes.
  • Freezer Inventory Application - General improvements (searching, ACL, viewing), fixes and data curation.
  • VUMC Identity/Branding - For the VUMC Community context, we have added the Vanderbilt Medical Center logo.
  • Email Notifications for Primary Resource Contribution - We have added back email notification for primary resource contributions. These are dispatched based on the subscription permissions for those users allowed to accept resource contritbutions.
  • Support Files - Improvements made for file/document mime types.
  • Collection Profile - We have simplified the collection profile page to provide quick access to a collection's resources.
  • Subscription permissions - We have removed from view those permissions that are not currently used, so as to simplify the user interface.
  • Community Member Profile Listings - In some contexts, the listing of community/workgroup members were not shown.
  • Other improvements
    • Mini-dashboard responds to keyboard entries in Internet Explorer
    • Print layout improved (overlapping title and logo)
    • Member card now displays primary affiliation