Release notes for Version 1.3

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Added on November 1, 2012 at 10:03 AM by Lindner, Jill
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  • Server migration - Migration to new servers (web and database).
  • GTET Migration - Migration of the Gene Targeting Experiment Tracker. Available in member context sidemenu for allowed users.
  • Freezer/Inventory Application Migration - Migration of the Freezer/Inventory application. Available in member context sidemenu for allowed users.
  • PubMed records - Provide ability to set a PubMed record as a citation or a reference.
  • Affiliation role switching - Member affiliation roles can be changed, without dropping and recreating the affiliation.
  • Mouse Strain Resource type - Improvements made to Mouse Strain resource type.
  • Thumbnails for miscellaneous image files - In resource miscellaneous files, image files are also shown as thumbnails.
  • Community dashboard resource counts - Resource count provided in dashboard > overview page for communities.
  • Sharing resources - "Share this resource" button available on resource view pages, for quick sharing.
  • Member list toggle - Member listing toggles between thumbnail and list views in community member view.
  • Message UI improvements - Improved design of flash messages and notifications.
  • Javascript upgrade - Upgraded 3rd party javascript library.
  • Framework upgrade - Upgraded underlying application framework.
  • Release information - this page you are reading was added as a means of keeping our users aware of changes.